We have a unique understanding on the requirements of Wi-Fi across Educational, Charitable and Commercial based organisations around the country. We work across multiple vendor technologies such as HP Aruba, Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Ruckus & Aerohive


Automation, scale and intelligence are the present and that’s why a lot of our clients have truly benefited from migrating significant infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Whether this is due to their ever increasing mobile workforce, security concerns, lack of internal specialist advice or need to remain light on local assets, the cloud is now an important tool to capitalise upon within your business


Whether you are one of our clients that have on-premises infrastructure, fully within the cloud or a hybrid of both – we have the experience and expertise of looking at your entire estate and ensuring you are utilising technology in the most efficient and cost effective way

We give consultancy & advice to a variety of clients on the best application use of high-density Wi-Fi for organisations

Working across multiple vendors is key to our ability to work with clients who may have a particular affinity or professional experience. We focus on the business need and ensure that the organisation reaches its aims in introducing or upgrading their network

Cloud technology enables our clients to put in place extremely robust continuity & intelligent access solutions

Should the cloud be part of the required solution, fully or in part,
we understand the business need to do this effectively,
without any interruption to service. The benefits achievable across
security, management of assets & control of your data are immeasurable

Our clients have a wide array of IT Infrastructure which we leverage to their advantage for the long-term

Dependent on the security of the data, their compliance or external requirements, we have ensured that our clients continue to retain the most robust setup for their long-term growth and stability. Management of this Infrastructure is key and we partner with the best in the industry to monitor and be proactive