Some of our core values talk about free education and our belief that all individuals and organisations should have access to the best and very latest in digital skills and know how.

This is why, starting from March 2018, we will be running 2 hour drop in clinics every Monday from 9-11am at the incredible Bond St Coffee cafe . Our hashtag for these events will be #ZazaraCoffeeTech

We have been inspired to do this in order to reach people without the overlying monetisation and commercial side of how business is conducted within technology.

Zazara Consulting feels that there is a distinct lack of openly transparent, collaborative and welcoming technology consultancy in Sussex outside of formal events that welcome people and organisations of all sizes and styles.

Hesan Yousif, Founder & CEO of Zazara Consulting says:

“We wish to offer our support and services to everyone within the business community and we very much look forward to engaging in some very interesting discussions and ideas over the coming months. Whilst drinking some absolutely fantastic coffee from the Bond St coffee team.”

The types of individuals doing this and whom we have been inspired by are the likes of Martin King, Head of IT at Moneypenny and the incredible Shake it Up Creative team, who hold regular free help sessions on WordPress, SEO, design & marketing, copywriting, social media and video editing to name just a few. You can find out more about Rachael and Meg here

Our consultancy clinics are open to freelancers, sole proprietors, SMEs and charitable/educational organisations. The topic can be anything within technology and we hope to assist on multiple levels – whether this is a complex cloud solution idea or getting the best out of your Mac kit. You may want to cover:

  • Considering cloud based solutions or are looking to understand it better
  • Managing a varied technology estate – best practice and how to go about it
  • Choosing a good Managed service Provider – how to do it and the things to look out for
  • Understanding key concepts within Security, Cloud, Hardware, Data
  • Charity and Educational perspectives: Perks and caveats open to these sectors within technology
  • Day-to-day IT operational problems and the best way through them

Full details of the clinics and what to do are given below:

Zazara Coffee & Tech

Where: Bond St Coffee – 15 Bond St, Brighton BN1 1RD

When: Every Monday commencing on Monday March 12th
How to book: You can book 30 minute or 60 minute sessions here if you wish to guarantee your place – Book a SLOT
Hashtag: #ZazaraCoffeeTech
If you have any questions or queries about the clinics, head over to our Contact us page.

We look forward to meeting you at Bond St Coffee!